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Downtown SNA Walks // Residency Activities

Sample of the Activities we have been organizing in Downtown SNA as part of our residency at Grand Central Art Center. A lot more activities coming soon :)

Video Documenting our newest project “Dialogue in Transit”!


Video documentando nuestra mas reciente intervención: “Dialogo en Transito”!

"Dialogue in Transit: Evolution of a Line" is a mobile conference which brought together researchers and artists from San Diego and Tijuana, to reflect on the evolution of the border’s ideological and physical manifestations 20 years since the implementation of NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) and 3 years after redevelopment began at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. Unlike other conferences held to "celebrate" the anniversary of NAFTA, this conversation sought to critically reflect on the ramifications of its implementation at both the national and local level.

The conference took place in a caravan of vehicles as they waited to cross the border from Tijuana to San Diego, and was live-broadcast in its entirety on 87.9 FM at the Port of Entry from inside of the “Cognate Cruiser”.

The conference took place on March 15, 2014 and featured Norma Iglesias Prieto, Victor Clark Alfaro, Omar Pimienta and Sonidero Travesura.

Cog•nate is pleased to announce that recordings from Borderblaster (SNA) are now available as an Audio Paseo throughout downtown Santa Ana!

Borderblaster (SNA) collects the oral testimonies of local residents, artists, community leaders and 4th Street business owners, to reflect on the economic, social, and cultural dimensions of redevelopment in the Downtown core of Santa Ana. These narratives are dispersed through the physical fabric of 4th Street as an “Audio Paseo” or audio promenade. You can embark on this paseo by following the trail of “Borderblaster” markers in storefront windows along the route indicated by the map below. Scan the QR code on the front of the markers with your smartphone to listen to testimonies about the past, present and desired future of Downtown Santa Ana. Inside of participating shops, you will also find bilingual transcripts that give readers further historical and personal accounts about the heart of Downtown.

Visit the GCAC front desk to view a copy of the full transcripts or pick up a map of the paseo with more information about the intervention. You can also read the text in its entirety here:


Nos complace anunciar que las grabaciones de Bordebrlaster (SNA) están disponibles ya como un Audio Paseo en el Centro de Santa Ana!

Borderblaster (SNA) reune los testimonios orales de residentes, artistas, líderes comunitarios y comerciantes de la Calle 4 para reflexionar sobre la evolución económica, cultural y social en el Centro de Santa Ana. 

Puede tomar el paseo al seguir la ruta indicada en el mapa y escanear el código QR de las tarjetas “Borderblaster” que se encuentran en las ventanas de negocios participantes por la Calle 4 con su celular. Al hacerlo podrá escuchar los testimonios sobre el pasado, presente y futuro deseado para el Centro de Santa Ana. Dentro de los mismos negocios encontrara transcripciones bilingües que proveen mas contexto histórico y personal acerca del corazón del Centro.

Puede encontrar una copia de las transcripciones completas y un mapa de la ruta en Grand Central Art Center. El texto tambien se puede encontrar aquí:

Borderblaster (SNA) Project Archive, 2013

A result of research conducted for the exhibition “Divested Interest: Exchange Dialogues” at Grand Central Art Center earlier this year, the archive compiles photos, news articles, city planning documents, and abbreviated interviews with 4th Street Business owners, local artists and activists, pertaining to the history and redevelopment of Downtown Santa Ana.

The archive was donated to the Santa Ana Public Library, and will be housed in the History Room.

reFORM (La Tele), 2013

El proyecto busca analizar la línea entre objeto de arte y objeto artesanal por medio de una escultura-alcancía en forma de televisión. La tele fue seleccionada como objeto de análisis porque es una representación de la ciudad de Tijuana: la capital mundial en producción de televisiones. La tele existe en su estado natural (blanco) como objeto de arte, una escultura de estética minimalista que nos permite analizar la posición de la ciudad dentro de un marco económico multi-nacional. Y a la vez existe como objeto artesanal, una alcancía como las que se han vendido por décadas en el Mercado de Artesanías de La Línea, que puede facilitar la exploración de la imaginación popular. Se le pide su participación en este proyecto al ofrecer la televisión en su estado natural, o colaborar con artesanos que proveen los productos que tiene a la venta para pintar y decorar la televisión. Nos interesa ver que nuevas formas se le dan y documentarlas para un archivo del proyecto.


This project seeks to analyze the line between art object and artisan product using a sculpture/piggy-bank in the shape of a Television. The television was chosen to serve as the basis for this analysis because it is a symbol of Tijuana: world capital in the production of televisions. The TV exists in its natural (white) state as an art object, as a minimally aesthetic sculpture that situates the city within a multi-national economic network. At the same time, the TV exists as an artesinal product, as a piggy-bank like those that have been sold for decades in the Mercado de Artesanias de La Linea, that can facilitate the exploration of the popular imaginary. The participation of vendors at the market is solicited to offer the TV in its natural state, or to collaborate with artisans who supply their products to paint/decorate the TV in whatever style they see fit. We are interested in seeing the new forms that will result and documenting them for our project archive. 

Today we photographed clothing collected this summer during the Santa Ana iteration of Something to do with Crossing…, at Grand Central Art Center. Men’s clothes were donated to the Hotel del Migrante in Mexicali, BC, and women and children’s clothes will be donated to the Centro Madre Asunta in Tijuana, BC.
The photographs will serve to recreate the project at a later date and spur the next system of exchange.
Hoy empezamos la próxima versión del proyecto Algo que ver con el Cruce… con ropa intercambiada durante la exposición del proyecto en Grand Central Art Center este verano. Después de ser fotografiada, la ropa de hombre fue donada al Hotel del Migrante en Mexicali, BC, y la ropa de mujer será donada al Centro Madre Asunta en Tijuana, BC.
Las fotografías se utilizaran para recrear el proyecto en el futuro e impulsar un nuevo sistema de intercambio.

We’re happy to report that today we completed the rematerialization of prints purchased during the exhibition of “32 Cans” at Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, CA. A total of 236 cans of food were purchased through the exchange and donated to the Hotel del Migrante in Mexicali, BC. 

Special thanks to Ricardo and the team at California Supermarket, as well as the Sanchez-Arteaga family for their assistance!

Thanks also to curators Martha Rocha & Emily Tyler for inviting us to stage the project, and John Spiak, Tracey Gayer and the rest of the team at GCAC for their support.


Hoy completamos la rematerializacion de las fotos compradas durante la exposición de “32 Cans” en Grand Central Art Center (Santa Ana, CA). Un total de 236 latas de comida fueron compradas gracias al intercambio que suscito el proyecto, y donadas al Hotel del Migrante en Mexicali, BC. 

Gracias a Ricardo y el equipo de California Supermarket, y a la familia Sanchez-Arteaga por su ayuda.

Y gracias también a las curadoras Martha Rocha y Emily Tyler por invitarnos a orquestar el proyecto, y a John Spiak, Tracey Gayer y el resto del equipo de GCAC por su apoyo.


¡Vengan a GCAC, el Edificio de Artes Santora, OCCCA, MC Gallery y El Centro Cultural de Mexico el proximo fin de semana para ARTE FAMILIAR!!

¡Acompáñenos en una tarde artística en el Artists Village del Centro de Santa Ana! Artistas estarán dirigiendo recorridos bilingües de varias exposiciones y habrá actividades de arte para familias. 


Stop by GCAC, the Santora Arts Building, OCCCA, MC Gallery and El Centro Cultural de Mexico next weekend for FAMILIAR ART!!

Join us for an afternoon of art in Downtown Santa Ana’s Artists Village!! Artists will be leading bilingual walkthroughs of current exhibitions and hosting art-making activities for families. 

Opening of “Divested Interest” Exchange Dialogues”. Exhibition curated by Martha Lourdes Rocha & Emily D. A. Tyler, featuring the work of Cog•nate Collective & Ramiro Gomez. Come see it at CSUF Grand Central Art Center, in Downtown Santa Ana!!

New Exhibition // Divested Interest: Exchange Dialogues with Cog•nate Collective & Ramiro Gomez

Come see two recent projects and a site specific work on Downtown Santa Ana, CA. The exhibition is open now through July 14 at Grand Central Art Center.

Hours and Directions here:

Borderblaster SD/TJ

Learn more about our most recent project, featured in the exhibition “Living as Form: the Nomadic Version”, by visiting the project page.


Aprenda mas sobre nuestro proyecto mas reciente, incluido en la exposición ”Living as Form: the Nomadic Version” visitando la pagina.

Borderblaster: Transmissions Now on Artbound

Follow the project and listen to transmissions on ARTBOUND!! 

Borderblaster (SD/TJ)
Visit the project page for more information on the project:
Borderblaster (SD/TJ) is part of the exhibition Living as Form (The Nomadic Version) which will open on Thursday 10/4 and be on view until 12/14. For more information about the exhibition visit: